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Affinity Designer - Professional Graphic Design Software

Affinity Designer

by : Serif


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Brand: Serif

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, MacOS

Free Trial Available: No

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Affinity Designer Software Overview

What is Affinity Designer?

Affinity Designer is a graphic designing software that helps creators in improving their workflow and enhancing their creativity level. Artists get access to a wide variety of live effects, gradients and adjustments. Moreover, the software is capable of operating huge documents and thousands of objects without any lag. You can switch between raster and vector workspaces in a single click. They can clip or enclose pixel layers, add grain effect or mask a vector and add in raster brush texture within a particular illustration. Further, the software autosaves all the edits and protects its users against unexpected shutdowns. Creators can even redo or undo eight thousand history steps as per their requirements.  

What Professional Topography modules are offered by Affinity Designer?

  1. Front Support: Creators can generate elegant texts using Type 1, True Type and OpenType fonts. They can also insert symbols, special characters, and placeholder texts while building up designs.
  2. Art and Frame Texts: By using Affinity Designer, creators can vertically align text frames, conduct live spelling checks and control settings related to justification, alignment, paragraph and character.
  3. Text on a path: Creators can convert any shape into a text path and type the text along that particular path. They can also manage the starting and ending points of the path and set texts on either side as well. 

Pricing of Affinity Designer

The pricing options of Affinity Designer are available on request. You can send us a callback request to get more information about the particular product. Our in-house product experts will get back to you on the date and time mentioned in your callback request. 

Compatible Platforms for Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is compatible with:

  1. Windows: 7, 8.1 and 10 versions
  2. Mac OS: 10.9 to 10.15 versions
  3. iOS: 12 and above versions

Benefits of Affinity Designer

  1. Efficient Vector Tools: Affinity Designer is equipped with an advanced vector toolset of its own. Moreover, you also get access to the node and pen tool, brush and pencil stabilization tool along with other tools related to non-destructive boolean functioning.
  2. Guides and Grids: The software offers unlimited choices regarding grids and guides, including options like isometric planes and grids, page and column related guides, auto-alignment tools and more. Creators can even control sub-divisions, spacings, angles, gutters etc.  
  3. Clipping: Artists can merge a particular artwork within a different layer or shape, using options like paste inside and insert inside. They can also insert above or behind the current layer as per their requirement.
  4. Live Boolean Geometry: With Affinity Designer, artists can intersect, divide, join, subtract and combine multiple outlines of a particular shape. They can also edit the boolean operations without using the undo option. 
  5. Canvas Rotation: You can rotate canvas to get a detailed view of their work from different angles. You can also disable the rotation option to prevent accidental edits.   
  6. Pixel Preview: Artists can preview their work in both retina and standard resolutions using the pixel preview option offered by Affinity Designer. This way, you can get a detailed overview of each and every element within their work before finally exporting them. 

Affinity Designer Features

Artboard enhancements

You can generate artboards of variable sizes, export them, add elements within their designs. You can also layout menus, screens

Visual keyboard shortcut editor

By using Affinity Designer, creators can customize the keyboard shortcuts as per their artistic needs and save them for later

Continuous Slice Export

The software offers a wide variety of slice-based export formats, setups and resolutions. Creators can also copy and paste

Linked symbols & constraints

Artists can generate multiple versions of an individual symbol or can also merge two or more symbols to speed up their

Saveable history with alternate futures

With Affinity Designer, you can save all project-related history. The cycle future option prevents history from getting deleted

ICC profiles, 16 & 32bit RGB, Pantone, CMYK

By using Affinity Designer, you get access to CMYK, RGB colour models and Pantone based colour swatches. You can also lock colour


The drawings or illustrations generated using Affinity Designer can be saved or exported in SVG, JPG, PNG, GIF, HDR, EXR file

Affinity Designer Plans & Pricing

Affinity Designer price is available on request

Looking for pricing details, customization requirements or have other queries? We are just a click away.
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Affinity Designer Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows MacOS
  • DesktopMobileiPad
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Affinity Designer FAQ

A. The software offers a wide variety of live effects like 3D, Outer Glow, Gaussian Blur, Outline, Gradient Overlay, Inner Shadow, Outline and more.
A. You can adjust the White Balance, Vibrance, Curves, Gradient Map, Invert, Split Toning, Colour Balance, Threshold and more.
A. Yes. We do offer an online demo of Affinity Designer. You can send us a demo request mentioning your preferred time schedule and our in-house product experts will get back to you.
A. You need to have: Windows: RAM: 4GB Hard Disk: 624MB for installation Graphics card compatible with DirectX 10 or above versions Mac OS: RAM: 2GB Processor: Intel 64-bit Core 2 Duo or later versions Hard Disk: 1.27GB for installation
A. The software has a mobile app compatible with iOS devices.

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