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BioMax - N-G4W
BioMax K30 Biometric Device
BioMax K30 Biometric Device

BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device

by : Biomax Security


4.53 (5 Reviews & Ratings)

Brand: Biomax Security

Type: Hardware

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device Overview

What is BioMax K30 Biometric?

BioMax K30 is a biometric device that is equipped with fingerprint attendance and access control. It is designed to be used in gyms, schools and offices to manage day-to-day attendance. It augments the security of the premises whether it is an office or an educational institution.

Uses of BioMax K30 Biometric

This biometric device is equipped with an inbuilt access control system that keeps the fingerprint or any other identification attribute of an authorized individual. It also helps in comparing attributes to the ones in the database, making the device completely safe and trustworthy. Users can check the attendance of employees in an office and teachers in a school. Even gyms have started to use this device for recording attendance. 

The device gives an effective idea as to whether there is any attendance mismatch and whether anybody is remaining absent for a long period of time. There is no scope of manipulation of data as everything is recorded accurately for future references. 

Based on the number of working days served by an employee, the salary is issued. Nowadays, biometric attendance is becoming the norm and BioMax K30 serves that purpose.

BioMax K30 in Attendance Management in Schools

Schools have started to use biometric attendance for teachers, non-teaching staff and even for students. This serves compact attendance maintenance and integrated security purposes with end-to-end management. This results in teachers recording daily attendance and the school management keeping a track of which teacher is absent. 

This helps in eliminating any gaps caused as a result when teacher allocation to a respective class if the teacher of that class is found to be absent. Students can sometimes try to manipulate attendance, but with the BioMax K30 attendance machine there is no chance of a tampering and teachers can accurately manage attendance-sheets. 

Even non-teaching staff’s attendance can be managed through BioMax K30’s biometric solution so that management can track who has come and which department is empty on that particular day.

Pricing of BioMax K30

Pricing of BioMax K30 is available on request. It is completely customizable, and users are requested to give us a callback for any further updates on pricing.

BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device Features

Storage Capacity

 It has 1000 Fingerprint templates, 1000 card storage and a card reader along with 10,000-capacity transaction

Access Control

The relay voltage required for running the device is just 12V.

Power Supply

 It requires a power supply of 12V and 1.5 Amp to operate.

Physical Dimension

The length, breadth and height are respectively 185 mm, 140 mm and 30 mm.

Operating Environment

The device needs a temperature range of 0 to 45? and humidity between 20 to 80%.


It follows a standard TCP/IP protocol with a USB host and standard features like SSR Recorder, Self-service query, T9 Input, etc.

Fingerprint Scanner

 It is fitted with an optical sensor of capacity 500 DPI. 

Audio/ Visual Specifications

 It has a display screen of 2.8”, 4*4 keypad, LED indicator of green and red generally and a clear mini speaker.

Exit Readers

Dual mode of SSR and software is equipped with this device along with a button battery.


 It has an identification of less than 1 sec and an algorithm verification rate of 10. 

BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device Plans & Pricing

BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device price is available on request

Looking for pricing details, customization requirements or have other queries? We are just a click away.
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BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Biometric :
  • SCREEN :
  • Resolution :
  • Windows
  • Perpetual
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English
  • 500 DPI Fingerprint, Card, PIN DPI Optical Sensor
  • 2.4" TFT INCH
  • 320x240 Pixels

BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device Reviews


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Pramod Kumar







“Techjockey has great operating model”

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Posted - Nov 1, 2018


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“Great Experience with Techjockey”

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Posted - Oct 25, 2018


Pramod Kumar







“Techjockey has great operating model”

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Posted - Nov 1, 2018

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BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device


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BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device FAQ

A. A standard TCP / IP protocol is followed along with a USB host and features like SSR Recorder, T9 Input for effective communication.
A. Data manipulation is not possible in BioMax K30 as everything is digitalized and fingerprint attendance is recorded which makes it secure. Moreover, fingerprints are unique, and no two sets are the same.
A. BioMax K30 has special inbuilt features of identifying fingerprint in less than 1 second and verifying the person by its special algorithm verification rate of 10 to verify from its internal database.
A. The device needs just 12 Volts and 1.5 Ampere current to operate smoothly. A relay voltage for access control to the device is also 12 Volts.
A. The capacity of the optical sensor of the device is 500 dots/inch. It is used to record fingerprints and convert them effectively into a device-readable format for database monitoring.

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