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BMC Helix Remediate

by : BMC


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Brand: BMC

Type: Software

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BMC Helix Remediate Software Overview

What is BMC Helix Remediate?

BMC Helix Remediate is an automatic security vulnerability management solution for both cloud and on-premise based infrastructure. Intuitive automation and advanced analytics used by BMC Helix Remediate improves productivity and strengthens the security of its user’s system by tracking, analyzing and remediating all the security exposures in real-time.

The state of art technologies used by BMC Helix Remediate simplifies all patching related processes, which offer greater speed and are also user-friendly at the same time. Further, the software automates all types of remediation and testing processes related to the monitoring of security compliance in real-time. It finds unmanaged EC2 instances in an automatic manner and positions a smart agent on each of them.

Is it possible to run automated tests and remediation with BMC Helix Remediate?

With BMC Helix Remediate, users can manage cloud and container related configurations in an efficient manner. They can maintain greater consistency and security within their services by opting for the following ways:

  1. Users can check their resources stored on the cloud, identify misconfigurations within them and remediate them using automation.
  2. They can monitor and remediate configurations of IaaS and PaaS services on the cloud.
  3. The SaaS deployment model offered by BMC Helix Remediate helps the users in improving the security of their cloud configurations within five minutes.
  4. Users can improve the configuration of their container security including hosts, Docker daemon, Docker container, Kubernetes pods and image.

Pricing of BMC Helix Remediate

The pricing of BMC Helix Remediate is available on request. You can request a callback, our product experts will get back to you in real-time.

Benefits of BMC Helix Remediate

  1. BMC Helix Remediate prevents potential breaches within its user’s security procedures and maintains uptime by remediating their entire security procedure quickly.
  2. By using BMC Helix Remediate, users can transform all data from their security scanner into actionable information in a comprehensive manner.
  3. The automatic patch and configuration management system offered by BMC Helix Remediate helps its users in closing more vulnerabilities within less time, lowers the overall costs, raises productivity and increases efficiency.
  4. The software tests and remediates all the cloud-based containers and configurations belonging to its user, to ensure that they are in compliance with multiple custom policies and CIS, GDPR, PCI regulations as well.
  5. BMC Helix Remediate automates configuration-related remediation and testing processes on Azure, GCP and AWS, ensuring that all cloud containers and services belonging to its user’s system get managed in a secure manner.
  6. With BMC Helix Remediate, users get access to an intuitive change management system and closed-loop security incident.

BMC Helix Remediate Features

Vulnerability management for improved security

Users can collect and analyze vulnerabilities within their hybrid cloud and remediate them based on the severity of the threat.

Missing patches for automated remediation

BMC Helix Remediate offers specialized patching dashboards, enabling its users to gain visibility into SLAs, vulnerabilities,

Multi-cloud security posture at-a-glance

Users can automate cloud CSPM by using their own customized policies or the policies offered by Center for Internet Security.

Simplifies the security patching process

With BMC Helix Remediate, users can generate patch-related workflows with a few clicks. They can also use a policy-based patching

Automated corrective action for cloud resources

The software helps find EC2 instances in an automated manner and adds them within the servers that are currently under its

Visibility into vulnerability scan and asset data

BMC Helix Remediate can be integrated with top-level vulnerability scanners that can test the configuration of cloud resources to

BMC Helix Remediate Plans & Pricing

BMC Helix Remediate price is available on request

Looking for pricing details, customization requirements or have other queries? We are just a click away.
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BMC Helix Remediate FAQ

A. The smart agent sends a heartbeat to the Smart Hub located within its users AWS Management VPC.
A. Yes, you can execute event-driven security checks with BMC Helix Remediate when changes get pushed to the production of staging criteria.
A. Techjockey does offer online demos for BMC Helix Remediate. You can send us a demo request mentioning a fixed time and date.
A. Yes, BMC Helix Remediate when integrated with BMC Helix Discovery will help you in detecting blind spots within your system in a seamless manner. It will also offer an app-centric cloud security management program.
A. No, BMC Helix Remediate does not have a mobile app as of now.

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