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Rubrik Polaris Radar

by : Rubrik


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Brand: Rubrik

Type: Software

Operating System: Ubuntu

Free Trial Available: No

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Rubrik Polaris Radar Software Overview

What is Rubrik Polaris Radar?

Rubrik Polaris Radar is an advanced security system designed for organizations to asten their ransomware recovery process besides detecting general anomalies. With added intelligence Rubrik Polaris Radar makes the recovery from ransomware attack really fast.

Rubrik Polaris Radar provides greater visibility about cyber attacks that possess a considerable impact on business-critical application data. Users also get to minimise downtime and restore their systems back to normal.

Polaris Radar provides a simple and intuitive user interface that tracks users’ data changes over time. The solution replaces manual recoveries within automated processes, utilizes smart intelligence with machine learning, and creates alerts for suspicious activities.

How does Rubrik Polaris Radar Help Overcome Ransomware Attacks Successfully?

  1. Disinfect System: Rubrik Polaris Radar disinfects the system with the help of Antivirus tools, such as Kaspersky, McAfee, and more. It then restores the encrypted files from the backup.
  2. Recover Data from Later Versions: The solution searches for the clean and most recent snapshots, restores the machine to that point and starts restoring data on any available later versions.
  3. UI Monitoring and Actions: Users can configure Radar in Polaris and then train and tune the machine learning model to match their environment.Accordingly, it sets an initial baseline using the current indexed snapshot history.
  4. Snapshot Selection and File Browsing: Rubrik Polaris Radar finds the snapshot change rate by comparing post-incident snapshots with the most recent clean snapshot. It helps detect areas that have been impacted. The comparison is based upon the number of files added, modified or removed between the two snapshots.

Pricing of Rubrik Polaris Radar

All information related to Rubrik Polaris Radar’s price is available on request. Interested buyers can book Rubrik Polaris radar demo and connect with product experts.

What are the Benefits of Using Rubrik Polaris Radar

  1. File System Analysis: Performs behavioural analysis on the metadata information of the file system to look for items like files deleted, files added, etc.
  2. Event Tracking and Alerting: Rubrik Polaris Radar generates an event, which is followed by content analysis. This informs the users about the number of encryption indicators.

Rubrik Polaris Radar Features

Analyze Impact

It runs continuous analysis of the user’s data to identify the impact of ransomware attack on applications and

Recover Fast

Select multiple affected files simultaneously, specify their desired location and restore them to a cleaner version.

Identify Anomalies

Rubrik Polaris Radar analyzes multiple file properties, abnormal system sizes, file modification rates and entropy

Behavioral-based Alerting

It proactively monitors a system for behavioural patterns and flags any activity that seems different from the baseline.

Impact Diagnosis

Rubrik Polaris Radar helps users browse through folder hierarchies besides drilling down to added, modified & deleted file

Instant Recovery

The application reduces downtime and forces minimal disruption with its instant recovery ability.

Rubrik Polaris Radar Plans & Pricing

Rubrik Polaris Radar price is available on request

Looking for pricing details, customization requirements or have other queries? We are just a click away.
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Rubrik Polaris Radar Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
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  • Language:
  • Ubuntu
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

Rubrik Polaris Radar FAQ

A. It disinfects the system using Kaspersky and McAfee, then searches through the backup to restore encrypted files. It identifies the clean snapshot, which is also the most recent one, restores the machine to that point in time and then starts the file restoration process of the available later file versions.
A. Rubrik Polaris Radar provides a simple and intuitive user interface that helps companies with data change monitoring over time. It also replaces the manual recoveries within a few clicks so that your business processes don’t get disrupted too much.
A. Yes, Rubrik Polaris Radar is available for an online demo at techjockey.com.
A. With its machine learning algorithms, Rubrik Polaris Radar analyzes the behavioural patterns that help it detect ransomware quickly.
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