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Singularity Ranger

by : SentinelOne


4.94 (2 Reviews & Ratings)

Brand: SentinelOne

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, Linux

Free Trial Available: Yes

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Singularity Ranger Software Overview

What is Singularity Ranger?

Singularity Ranger is a comprehensive security management software that helps organizations get access to international network visibility and monitoring functionality. Sentinel agents help detect the access to network related issues and block off unauthorised devices. The solution being part of the SentinelOne code base eliminates network-related alteration. 

Moreover, admins rely on Singularity Ranger to customise policies related to active scan and specify IP protocols for learning SNMP, ICMP, TCP, UDP and SMB. It can also be used to isolate suspicious devices from the managed ones with a click. 

Singularity Ranger works by creating a correlation between the learned information till date. It creates inventories and discloses the critical information related to IP-enabled systems. You can also monitor communication between unknown devices and managed hosts, besides isolating suspicious devices.

How Does Singularity Ranger Ensure Network Security

  1. Customized policies: Singularity Ranger allows companies to build customized policies for each network and sub-networks. 
  2. Controlled scanning: Admins can create adequate policies to fix scan intervals, detect threats and choose what they want to be scanned along with the ones that are needed to be kept untouched. 
  3. Include Known and Unknown Devices: The software correlates the learned information in the backend to fingerprint all the known and unknown devices.
  4. Information about Connected Devices: Singularity Ranger provides users with essential information about IP-enabled devices besides creating inventories within seconds across the entire region or the globe. 
  5. Visibility for Unknown Devices: The software comes equipped with Deep Visibility AtiveEDR that monitors the communications between unknown devices and managed hosts.
  6. Isolate Suspicious Devices: With Singularity Ranger, users can isolate suspicious devices from their managed devices in a single click.

Pricing of Singularity Ranger

The price of Singularity Ranger is available on request. Interested buyers can request a callback from our product experts.  

Compatible Platforms for Singularity Ranger

Singularity Ranger is compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems.

What are the Benefits of Using Singularity Ranger

  1. Close Monitoring of Network Broadcast Data: Elected Rangers can monitor the data related to network broadcasts like DHCP and ARP besides other network-related observances. 
  2. Customized Scanning: Users can select between auto-enabled scanning or more controlled scanning that requires explicit permission over the chosen environment. 
  3. No Need for Network Changes: Singularity Ranger eliminates the need of altering networks. It does not require TAP or SPAN ports. 

Singularity Ranger Features

Network Visibility

Avoid statutes in a transparent and frictionless manner with the software’s customizable scanning policies. 

Network Control

On detecting unauthorised devices on sensitive networks, the software protects managed assets from illegal communication.

Unparalleled Visibility

Admins use it to personalise active scans besides specifying IP protocols about SNMP, ICMP, TCP, UDP & SMB. 

Granular Control

Get information about the known devices, find and close the Sentinel agent deployment gaps.  

Singularity Ranger Plans & Pricing

Singularity Ranger price is available on request

Looking for pricing details, customization requirements or have other queries? We are just a click away.
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Singularity Ranger Specifications

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  • Windows Linux
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
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  • English

Singularity Ranger Reviews


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Umair Ali

Administrator, Logistics


Software user since: < 6 months







“Everything is transparent and scan policies are customizable by admins”

Pros :

Cons :

Reason for choosing the software :

Posted - Jul 1, 2021


Kiran Kumar

Administrator, IT

2-100 Employees

Software user since: < 6 months







“It is great for blocking unauthorized devices and reporting network information”

Pros :

Cons :

Reason for choosing the software :

Posted - Jul 4, 2021

Singularity Ranger FAQ

A. No. Singularity Ranger does not require any additional software, hardware or network changes to run in your system. It selects the Sentinel agents in an efficient manner before proceeding with cloud-delivered distributed learning.
A. Yes. You can build policies for each network and subnet to define individual parts within a network, which you want to scan and those that must be kept untouched. You can also set scan intervals, or make choices between auto-enabled scanning and explicit permission scanning.
A. Yes, Singularity Ranger is available for an online demo at Techjockey on request.
A. Singularity Ranger uses a combination of manual rules, MAC addressing and AI-driven Sentinel agents to provide fingerprint security. First, it transforms agents into distributed network sensors. Then, it combines active and passive scanning techniques along with MAC address information to create device fingerprinting.
A. Once the admin chooses a device to block, it is isolated from SentinelOne managed hosts on Windows, mac and Linux. SentinelOne follows the rules of network control firewall used on given devices.
A. Yes, Singularity Ranger helps with various security controls to decide which areas have to be scanned.
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